Exposure № 056: Rabbit, Rabbit, White Rabbit

Says Sabrina Goacher:

“The image is part of a collection called Rabbit, Rabbit, White Rabbit. I wanted to create a dream-like fantasy state when planning this image,bringing it into the realms of desire and fetishism. I also drew inspiration from a  Vinyl by Bear Face: the image was a woman standing with nothing on but a wolfs head and knickers. This image had transfixed me for a long time. upon receipt of the rabbit head I got down to fetishizing a recognizable sex symbol (thinking along the lines of rabbits having lots of young and obviously hugh hefner’s play boy bunny empire) stripping the jane doe model down to nothing but her knickers and the rabbit head I feel that I made a raw fetishised image with a play on getting back to nature.”

We love the creepiness of the image, and are pleasantly reminded of Donnie Darko.