Exposure № 065: Pirkei Avot II

I am your king! I am your king! Don’t you see that!

A continuation of  Conrado Sarid-Maletah’s series of photographs interpreting passages from Pirkei Avot (The Master’s Sentences).

Be as careful in observance of a minor commandment as in a major commandment, because you don’t know the respective rewards for the commandments.

The power of love can grow up in the living challenge of reflections in a mirror

Rather be like slaves who serve the master not to receive a reward. And let the fear of Heaven be upon you.

Keep far from an evil neighbor, do not befriend a wicked person, and do not despair of divine retribution

* * * * *

Conrado Sarid-Maleta’ is a Cuban photographer and painter. He left his home country six years ago, and has not returned. Most recently, he has lived and worked in Europe, and is now in Tel Aviv, Israel. He learned photography with the help of a great Cuban artist, later continuing alone and working very hard to increase day by day what he knew. Mainly, his works use the visual experience as a means to connect with ideas rather than with techniques or methodological processes. He prefers to be a storyteller rather than a perfectionist.

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Exposure № 059: El amor a la patria

Photographer Naama Sarid continues to share her wonderful images with us, and tells us a little about “El amor a la patria”:

The title of this photo is taken from a national Cuban song named Abdala, by Jose Marti, which talks about one’s love for his nation. This photo shows the other side of this love, sacrificing yourself for your ideals.

* * * * *

Naama Sarid-Maleta’ is an architect. She began an intense career as a documentary and conceptual photographer in Madrid (2008) and has contributed to magazines and publications in Europe and Israel. She has participated in numerous exhibitions in Ukraine, Spain and Israel. Her sustained challenge as an artist is the desire to “build dreams” in visual codes. She had developed a scheme of work based on the interaction of enforcement procedures and the organizations of architecture and a conceptual result more expressionistic and plastic in its nature. Her husband is also an architect and photographer from Cuba, and they work as a team with multidisciplinary projections.

Her other contributions to Snake-Oil Cure can be found here.

Exposure № 055: A Powder of Presences

Says Naama Sarid-Maleta’: “This photo is a part of a series that explores the body of a woman. Each photo shows a small detail of it. This one is my favorite because it shows my Hub- the place where everything starts, and it also showing me looking at myself- like the backstage of the scene.”

Exposure № 040: Sembrar el recuerdo

Photographer and architect Naama Sarid-Maleta tells us that this photo is a part of a set that she made for a friend and fellow photographer in Madrid. She was about to leave her house and she wanted me to do some photos there, so she would have something to be able to remember her house by. All the photos from this set deal with nostalgia and also with her strong connection with structures from nature-like the flowers, and like her ladder, that looks like a bone of some big creature as well as the piece of wood echoing her bottom’s shape.

Camera: Hasselblad.  Film: 120mm Diapositiva 100asa (expired).