Exposure № 054: Essie Snell

Photographer Essie Snell brings us some beautiful images.
Nighttime in Bruges
Bruges, also called Brugge in Flemish, is a beautiful medieval city in Belgium. In addition to the wonderful architecture, it’s known for chocolate (depending on where you go, you can find as many as five chocolate shops per block), lace, and some of the best beer in the world. This view is typical of what you’ll see when taking a nighttime stroll along the old canals.
Ancient Storm
Chaco Canyon is a fantastic set of Puebloan ruins in New Mexico, just south of the Colorado border. Although it was a bit unnerving to be standing outside in the pouring rain taking hundreds of photos while surrounded by lightning and thunder, it was definitely an awesome and unique experience.
This photo was taken at Mission:Wolf, a remote non-profit sanctuary for rescued wolf and wolf-dog hybrids in southern Colorado. If you ever get the chance to visit, listening to the howling of wolves while falling to sleep under the stars is a magical experience. For more information about the refuge, visit http://www.missionwolf.com
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This week Emily Markussen Sorsher is acting as Guest Editor while Dr. Hurley puts the finishing touches to his prize-winning Christmas Pudding. We hope you enjoy the morsels she has hand-selected for your delectation!
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By day, Essie Snell works to help utilities improve their energy efficiency and renewable energy programs. By night, he is a photographer whose work has been shown in various juried and solo exhibitions and a professional magician specializing in sleight of hand with cards. In his spare time, he cooks and bakes delicious food, practices Aikido, plays tenor guitar, brews beer, reads, and does whatever else seems interesting at the time. Essie lives in Boulder, CO with two snakes, a puffer fish, and too many books to organize effectively.