Exposure № 032: Snow

It’s the Dog Days and we here at Dr. Hurley HQ thought that a little taste of a Winter Wonderland would be refreshing. Obviously, come February we’ll be singing a different tune.

These photos, by Caroline Hancox capture the beautiful quiet of a snowy landscape.  She tells us:

“I am interested in the relationships between humans and their environment and how they interact with and impact it. This is a huge influence to me and is a theme that runs through all of my photography. In this series of work I explore how ski resorts physically shape the mountains and affect the landscape in the French Alps. A few years ago I was lucky enough to spend 6 months in a little village in the mountains and ever since then I have returned regularly to continue with this project. I shoot with a Holga and medium format film or a Polaroid camera for this project, as I feel the effect gives it an almost painterly, dreamy effect that renders the people like little toys, which helps to evoke memories and dreams and makes the whole place seem more magical, which is how I feel about it.”


like angels dropping grace
on the brown crust
of earth

it falls
in silence and calm, covering
the dead of autumn with
a shroud

of watery pearls, blooms
frozen at their birth
and released as they die

on the soil
that is hard and yet unaware
of the offspring it will

it falls
white and deaf as I watch and wish
I was young again

sledding through
whiteness, but my old bones would
break like boughs under the
snow’s weight