Dr. Hurley’s Digest Volume I: Miscellany

To wrap things up, here are 1) the historical documentation of Dr. Hurley’s life and times, 2) a few Aphorisms, and 3) a few Tonics.

Dr. Hurley

Dr. Hurley’s Digest Volume I: Contests

And here are the results of our 100 word story, Irish Balderdash, and Sonnet contests.

100 Words

Irish Balderdash


Dr. Hurley’s Digest Volume I: Smithsoniana and Non-Fiction

Today we bring you the results of the first year of Smithsonian-inspired posts as well as our non-fiction selections.



Dr. Hurley’s Digest Volume I: Exposures

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s Impressions Digest, today we bring you Dr. Hurley’s Exposures from Volume 1.

Dr. Hurley’s Digest Volume I: Impressions

Today, we’re thrilled to present a catalogue of Volume I’s Visual Impressions:

Dr. Hurley’s Digest Volume I: Poetry

Today we give you the Digest for Volume I: Poetry

Dr. Hurley’s Digest Volume I: Fiction

Dear Snake-Oil Devotees:
Today marks the Doctor’s first anniversary in internetland. To celebrate, he is thrilled to present the Master Digest of Dr. Hurley’s Snake-Oil Cure each day this week.
Your editors, with the Doctor, look forward to an equally splendid second year and a successful Volume II.