Flood Me Completely


rought you ashore to show you the places I adore.  Fish
slapping their poor bellies on
rock hard sand;  footprints where
the bears went.

The sky nearly hidden in the trees and mountains,
the hills and the slopes amaze my prairie- trained
eyes.  Isn’t it magnificent – all this for you and I?

Gazebos galore, hot tubs in every backyard;  Buddha
sits in the farmer’s market – providing the ancient
assurance of more.

These limited senses can’t cope with all this power
a forever burning fire, take me with you to the
center of this life giving pyre.

* * * * *

Gisele Vincent-Page lives in Canada and is the author of Strolling Down Heaven’s Gate, a compilation of prose and poetry relating to her 28 years of living with HIV. She has received the Poet of the Week  award on two occasions on Super Poetry Highway. Her poems have been published in Mused; Bella online; Poetry Soup; all things girl, Fanstory; allpoetry.com; Author’s Den; received the Poet of the Month award from The Writing Forum.  The Body HIV/AIDs Newsletter has also published one of her poems. She has written blogs for the websiteA Girl Like Me (AGLM).

Her previous contributions to Snake-Oil Cure can be found here.