Dr. Hurley’s Digest, Vol. III, Issue 10

The return of a favourite author, Jude Joseph Lovell, gave us an insight into his novel Blue Six, and we got more goodies from John Grey and Nicolas Bruno. Check it out:


Monday – Photography

Wednesday – Poetry

Friday – Fiction

Stay tuned for some newbies next week!

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  1. Reblogged this on Beautiful Waters and commented:
    Are We Connected by Starbeams?

    The warmth of the sunset has hushed
    Leaving all my favorite blues
    (How does anyone choose just one favorite color?)
    Glowing against the darkness
    Of the rim this river carved
    Swollen with snowmelt
    Now covering
    The carcass of that great elk
    Whose clay is carried
    Right now
    Downstream to the greatest canyon
    Where it might meet ashes
    Of men, or gods
    Because Earth is tilting
    On her axis and
    Even the clumps of yellowed grasses
    Are turning green
    Spherical white dandelion puffs
    Are sending out seeds to the wind
    Even the seeds know how to send
    Roots down and green reaching up to light
    I wonder if any of us ever really knows
    The root of anything as I watch
    Electric torches blazing along the road
    I mean, we could all close a circuit
    And persuade electrons to dance just so
    Making waves of photons for light
    But where do they get their energy?
    How does octane save star beams in bonds
    That held one atom to another for millions of years
    How does a bond hold such power?


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